About Us

Oil and Gas Publications Ltd, publishes Nigeria’s premier oil industry journal Nigeria Oil and Gas Monthly and the yearly, Nigeria Oil and Gas Annual.

Nigeria Oil and Gas Monthly offers a wide coverage of issues, policies, trends and developments in the Nigerian, regional and international oil and gas industries. It provides in-depth analysis, insightful opinion, informed projections and data needed by operators, investors and entrepreneurs in the industry for business decisions.

The mix of news, informed analysis and data on industry activities makes the journal also attractive to policymakers, scholars, researchers, financial services professionals and others with interest in the industry.

Its sister publication, Nigeria Oil and Gas Annual every year provides a compendium of fresh and updated information on the Nigerian industry. This includes information on companies active in the industry, major projects being carried out, emerging opportunities, government policies and regulatory frameworks.

Over the last decade, the two publications have distinguished themselves as industry journals devoted to promoting international investment in the petroleum industry in Nigeria and Africa.

Sold mainly by subscription, Nigeria Oil and Gas Monthly, which has a print-run of 35,000 is read in Nigeria, across Africa, Europe, United States and Asia.

In addition to our stable is the soon to be published Who’s and Who in Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Industry. This publication will be out by the end of the first quarter, 2010.